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I have used homeopathy and natural medicine as my main form of medical care.  I grew up in Europe and now live in the United States.  A friend suggested I meet with Gabriella since I was looking for someone in the States that would be able to help me with my two children and me of course during situations I would not be able to handle. 


She has been a blessing to work with and she has introduced me to Gemmotherapy for the family.  My son had a constant cough, which had become chronic.  I had seen other homeopaths in California and his cough would subside briefly but would always come back.  When I moved to Cape May with my husband who is from the area, I was so happy to meet Gabriella.  In a very short time with the help of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy my son was able to finally sleep through the night never coughing.  I recommend Gabriella to everybody, and I am very grateful I have met her. Thank you, Gabriella!

M.D., Mom, Surfer, Wife - European

2016 was my first experience working with Gabriella and homeopathy.  It was when my two young daughters were exposed and contracted pertussis. Gabriella patiently listened to my concerns of each daughters’ symptoms, and gave remedies accordingly, all while introducing the powerful tool and approach that is homeopathy.


We've since kept in touch and Gabriella has helped us through strep throat, UTIs, and many other bouts in our family's journey to health and wellness. I am grateful for her knowledge and counsel.

 Kristin, Wife and Mom

I began working with Gabriella seven years ago for help with mood swings related to depression and anxiety. Within a few months, I was on a much more “even keel”. I have continued to meet with Gabriella on a regular basis. She has greatly improved the quality of my life.

Eric B. – Computer Specialist

I see Gabriella about every 7 – 8 weeks. We talk and when we’re finished talking she gives me a remedy if she feels is right for me at the moment and sometimes we stay with the same remedy. She has made me see how valuable my health is and how easy it is to keep myself healthy by changing some habits and life styles. I cook differently and eat differently and I have never been this healthy in body and mind. Over the last 5 years I have had one cold that didn’t even keep me home from work. I feel better about myself and my health and I owe this to Gabriella. I know she is there when I need her and she has made me a healthier and happier person. Thank you Gabriella.

Kathy S. - Retired

I was one of the first people diagnosed with “co-vid” in early March 2020. As a photographer I had traveled to all the hot button cities over the course of 3 weeks and upon arriving home woke up the next day feeling like I wanted to die. After several days of suffering, I went to the hospital where I was told there wasn’t anything they could do for me.  I definitely had “co-vid” but was not sick enough to be at the hospital.


After a full week of suffering my wife was at her wits end not knowing how to further help me. She has been a huge proponent of Homeopathy for many years and reached out to Gabriella to see how she could help. I was a little skeptical that anything could help me at that point, but she provided me with several remedies that helped to lift me out of the utter misery I was experiencing.  Several weeks later, I still felt like my "head was in the clouds" and I just couldn’t shake it, not feeling myself, lethargic, forgetful, and spacey.


Gabriella had been feverishly working within her homeopathic community to find and administer new remedies that were being developed just for this feeling of “head in the clouds”. Thanks to Gabriella I do not experience any “long co-vid” effects and am so grateful for her amazing due diligence to stay on top of emerging remedies to help ease her clients during this miserable pandemic.

Roger N. - Photographer 

Being a client for many years, I have watched Gabriella’s hunger for knowledge and depth of understanding homeopathy develop her into the world class practitioner that she is today. She takes the time to educate her patients creating a new level of personal understanding with the remedies she is prescribing.


I am highly sensitive and typically feel the effects work immediately. What a wonderful feeling to just all of a sudden feel fantastic; for the cough to stop, for that lethargy to end, for that cold to get shortened, sleep to get deepened and her greatest feat (for me) banishing the effects of menopause!  


Gabriella has the ability to clearly see what the issue is even when you cannot. She regularly collaborates with her peers comparing their observational data to her own in order to constantly educate herself and help her patients and is therefore highly regarded amongst them.  I cannot recommend Gabriella enough. Start your holistic journey with her today!

Trish N - Photography Agent

I am a high school teacher, so I am required to test for "co-vid" weekly.  On Thanksgiving day 2021 during the evening I was informed by my school that my results came in and I had tested positive.  I didn’t think much of it, I felt fine I was a little concerned because I had heard so many reports about Medical Doctors not prescribing anything before symptom progressed. Turns out that was true.


I was not a candidate for the available infusion due to medical reasons therefore my Medical Doctor told me just to isolate away from family members.  And to go to the hospital only when it became apparent I couldn’t walk to my bathroom.  That made me nervous – why couldn’t my doctor prescribe something.


My daughter who works in a health food market recommended I reach out to Gabriella who is a homeopathic practitioner.  I called her and she was very understanding and helpful.  She gave me instructions on what to take and how to take homeoprophylaxis, supplements, gemmotherapy extracts and remedies.  She helped me through the virus.  I am so very thankful I had someone that knew how to get me on the right track to prevent me from getting very sick from the virus. 


Thankfully all the measures that were taken helped me to recover well and quickly.  I was fortunate that I didn’t get very sick and my oxygen levels stayed high. 


I truly believe it was all thanks to being able to find someone like Gabriella who has the knowledge of alternative medicine to help at a time when it is most needed. Thank you, Gabriella for all you do.

Jackie H. - High School Teacher

My daughter has had amazing results working with Gabriella. When my daughter was a toddler, Gabriella’s remedy entirely healed her eczema. More recently, my daughter had struggled with months of serious insomnia, and neither her pediatrician nor a therapist were able to help us resolve the problem. Gabriella’s remedy finally did the trick — since taking the remedy, she has been able to fall asleep with ease and to sleep peacefully all night long.

I had approached homeopathy quite skeptically, but Gabriella’s patience, knowledge, and amazing results have convinced me that traditional Western medicine does not have all of the answers. She has helped our family with all sorts of ailments and helped us to avoid taking unnecessary medications.

Jennifer W. – Concerned mother

For many years I suffered from seasonal allergies from certain tree pollens and flowers, some weeds, dogs and cats. Fresh mowed grass and hay were some of my worst enemies in the summer. My eyes would become itchy, red and swollen, my nose always running and I had terrible sinus pain. I was also diagnosed with depression and took a prescription medication.


With the information that Gabriella gathered from our session, she was able to figure out a remedy for my allergies and the depression. The remedy is designed for me and not a generic over the counter drug for just anyone. My allergies are almost non-existent now. I can work in the yard and mow the lawn without suffering. I still have a sniffle once in a while if I play with a dog too long or I go into a house where a cat lives but now I don’t suffer with the swollen eyes and runny nose and sinus pressure. It took about a half year to wean me off the prescription drug. I no longer take any prescription medications of any kind and I feel great.

Joan B. – Office Mgr

Gabriella has been my homeopathic practitioner for 20 years. I became aware of homeopathy over 25 years ago as a student of medical anthropology and have used it in concert with other holistic practices since then. Her care and guidance have been invaluable as I have received countless effective treatments with no side effects. Gabriella has treated my husband and son as well.


Most recently we used homeoprophalaxis to effectively protect our family of 3. We live in South Carolina where my husband and I run a food business and exposure to viruses occur frequently. We move about through many locations in both public and private facilities in our community for our business.


Our 7 year old son attends a Montessori school with 25 students in his classroom ages 6 through 9 years old. They have never required masking at his school so as not to hinder the social development of their students, instead they treat each classroom as an individual cohort. Our son has had two direct, prolonged exposures to "co-vid" positive peers, and his teacher tested positive as well during this school year, but he tested negative both times. Meanwhile, since many of his peers tested positive, they had to quarantine.   Our son remained healthy with a negative status and did not require any quarantine. This speaks volumes to us about the efficacy of homeoprophalaxis as well as the level of care we receive from Gabriella and we could not be more grateful!

A. Lindner - Food Supply Business Owner

I became aware of Gabriella and homeopathy from my wife, but I was able to see the benefits and healing power first hand when I was struggling with a "Co-vid" diagnosis.  Gabriella started me on a protocol of homeopathic remedies in addition to gemmotherapy specific to my symptoms and needs.  Once I started the protocol I was able to heal in a matter of days. She was extremely thorough at asking my status daily and changing my remedies as needed based on how I was presenting.


I believe it was her expertise and knowledge that was able to offer me a quick recovery and zero complications. I believe there is a place for modern medicine, but I also firmly believe that there are ways to heal in a more holistic way. A more holistic approach to my health and healing has given me a better awareness of how my body functions, ways to support it, and strengthen my immune system for prevention in the future. I am thankful for having Gabriella and everything she continues to offer me as a means to better care for my overall health.

Christopher M – Restaurant Owner

Working with Gabriella has been a huge blessing to myself and my family. I first reached out to her when my daughter was repeatedly being diagnosed with a skin condition requiring more and more antibiotics. After I saw her not healing and myself being more holistically oriented and aware of the dangers of antibiotics I knew I needed to seek help outside of allopathic medical care.


The recommendations from Gabriella were able to resolve the skin issue entirely (without any recurrence) and support continued healing through rebuilding her gut health post antibiotics used prior. She has introduced us to a better understanding of homeopathy and gemmotherapy as a means to not only heal in acute situations but also in preventative cases. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal when given the ability to do so properly and without added pharmaceuticals that may be causing more harm in the long run.


I am beyond thankful for her expertise and her giving me the ability to feel more empowered to better care for my family. She is a wealth of knowledge and I recommend everyone get on board with her program.

Margaret M – Mom and Daughter

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