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Gemmotherapy Session

In office or virtual appointments for an adult or child.

 1hr   |   see rates


A deposit of $25 is required to hold the time-slot for your appointment. The balance may be paid on the day of the session by cash, check, credit card, venmo or paypal. 


Due to the nature of the sessions, our cancellation policy requires

two business days notice for a full refund.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Looking forward to welcoming you!


Why Use Gemmotherapy?

Most of us struggle with lowered immunity and the wide range of chronic symptoms that come with it.

When our immune system is compromised, our bodies are unable to optimally remove waste produced from food consumption and metabolic action. This puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. If this state is prolonged, the liver, lymphatic and circulatory systems become congested and the entire immune system suffers, leaving us more susceptible to illness.

During your session we will identify gemmo's that are selected based on your current state.  A protocol is built to support your mental and emotional well being, optimize elimination, improve sleep and offer restorative organ support.

The action of these extracts on a cellular level promote drainage, tonification, and rejuvenation of organs. The use of Gemmotherapy extracts for acute and chronic symptoms leads to a restoration of immunity, which is the foundation for health.

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