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Certified manufactures of high quality nutritional, botanical and homeopathic pharmacy  manufacturers and dispensaries that are independent and care about their patients. Will be adding more as we search for top quality independent certified manufacturers and dispensaries.


Thank you!  Gabriella Calvi-Rooney

Provided by nature, vetted by science.

Natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade, side-effect free homeopathic medicine for all lifestyles and dietary needs.


The only way to ensure the highest quality, is to control the process. In our unique and preserved fields in the South of France, we plant, grow and harvest our own medicinal plants.


We make our own mother tinctures, developing and manufacturing homeopathic remedies in our laboratories. The extreme purity of our soils and water leads to best-in-class homeopathic remedies, anchored in unwavering reverence for our environment, following scrupulous pharmaceutical and manufacturing standards.


Trusted by Moms Everywhere

Our Products are pharmaceutical grade, organic, and scientifically studied to enhance your child's immune system and neurological system.


They are produced under a strict quality management system in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice, including third party quality certification. All our products are formulated for the most sensitive individuals. 

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DesBio has a unique approach to wellness. We are the most innovative company in the alternative healthcare market, providing professionals with tools to harness the synergy between the three pillars of integrative medicine: homeopathics, nutritionals, and botanicals. We have designed and delivered the latest in integrative medicine to healthcare providers for over 25 years with nearly 300 expertly formulated remedies.

Please inquire about ordering directly from Desbio as a client of Resource Place, PMA.


For clients to place orders themselves, whether via the website or via email, you first will need to create a membership on the website.

Please inquire about ordering directly from PS11 Collective as a client of Resource Place, PMA. You will need a code.  Only available to current clients.

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