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Gemmotherapy extracts, or gemmos, are the newest and most potent addition to the field of plant-based therapies.

Gemmotherapy extracts are produced from select plant embryonic tissues, most often the tree branch buds, for health restoration and maintenance. The tree buds contain the growth material of the entire plant and are the most nutrient dense part of the plant.

Gemmotherapy vs. Herbal Extracts

On the surface, Gemmotherapy extracts look very similar to the liquid herbal tinctures you might get from a health practitioner or purchase for self care. However, it’s this specific type of plant material utilized that sets Gemmotherapy apart from plant derived extracts.

The difference lies in the meristem cells of the buds and shoots used to make gemmos.

These cells contain all the growth material of the plant, similar to stem cells in humans. These embryonic cells engage organs and organ systems on a cellular level to improve their function and simultaneously clean, feed, and restore organ tissue.

Gemmotherapy extracts deliver the potential of the entire tree or shrub from which the bud is selected rather than the benefits of a specific part as in an herbal extract.

The action of these extracts on a cellular level promote drainage, tonification, and rejuvenation of organs.


The use of Gemmotherapy extracts for acute and chronic symptoms leads to a restoration of immunity, which is the foundation for health.

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