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Honestly not really sure what to say…that time was such a blur for me. I just remember sleeping for 10 days in a dark room and Gabriella calling me many times a day to monitor my symptoms with care.


December 2021 I had a head injury - a concussion from a fall playing soccer and Gabriella prescribed certain remedies for the injury. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with covid. I was fully vaxxed and had been with a friend who tested positive and notified me to get tested. The concussion and covid diagnosis happened within a 3 day time period.


Gabriella had to help me with my concussion, as well as provide me with remedies for my covid symptoms.  One day lead into another and all seemed the same.  I had to stay in the dark due to the concussion and headache and deal with covid symptoms as well. By day five, Gabriella noticed the covid symptoms were easing and she could concentrate mostly helping me with my concussion.  Gabriella had to try and find remedies that could help in some way with both the headache from concussion and from covid.  After much rest and care, I was on the mend.

Serena I - Professional

Gabriella has been our homeopath for the past 15 years taking care of my 4 children, and even our pets.I have no idea what I would do with out her continual help.

Christina W. - Mother of 4

Gabriella is always available when we need her.  She has helped us through all sorts of issues and especially now during current state of affair.

Natalie F. - Account Executive

My spirits were so low about my health.  After a few weeks my spirits were better and my health started to improve. Suddenly, I was courageous and confident again! You have given me my life back. Thank you just doesn't seem to cover it.

John B. - Accountant

I will be forever grateful to have been referred to Gabriella. With incomparable skill and compassion in her field, she has supported and healed not only myself with health issues  but also my 21 month old son with ezcema, allergies and behavior issues that no conventional medicine has been able to help.  She always responds promptly to phone calls and  emails and is able to ease and treat the root cause of symptoms with patience and kindness. I can highly recommend her services to anybody who looks for real healing of body , mind and soul!

Colleen W. - Mom and Baby

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